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  • NEW 1 Panasonic RP-HJE120 In-Ear Headphones - Black

Product Information

The black Panasonic RP-HJE120 in-ear headphones let you listen to your favorite music and audio comfortably and at a high quality. These ergonomically fitting, in-ear Panasonic headphones are lightweight, portable, comfortable, and easy to store anywhere. The balanced sound quality of these ergonomic earphones delivers excellent bass response wherever you go. These Panasonic in-ear headphones are compatible with most types of electronics and video gear. With a standard 3.5mm jack, connecting them through the headphone port is easy. The cord length allows you to keep a device close to your body without any long, dangling cords. These headphones can be used to enjoy your playlists, podcasts, and audio files on the go. They can be inserted to work with any other standard headphone jack device. This type of Panasonic earbud goes directly in your ear for a comfortable, secure fit. The in-ear design of the headphones means that you can let your playlists roll and experience great sound. They are excellent accessories for gaming on the go, meditation, and for exercising. This is because they stay in place as you move. The tips are designed to fit firmly into the ear canal for security and comfort as you go about your day. Just plug them into the headphone jack and you're set thanks to the plug and play design. They have wired capability with a cable length of 3.60 feet, and feature-enhanced conductivity with a nickel-plated mini-plug. These headphones weigh approximately 14 ounces, and the lightweight design makes them very portable accessories for traveling. The Panasonic brand electronics measure 3.6 by 3.2 by 6.8 inches. This size means that you can easily have these stashed in your pocket, bag, gym locker, or purse. This allows you to enjoy the security of never being without your tunes. Outside voices and noise can be blocked from your listening experience because the dampening materials of these Panasonic earphones remove ambient noise. This allows you to hear clearly even with the volume relatively low. When you want to crank the tunes, they also have very little leak. You can turn them up to the maximum 200 mW of power without people around you hearing your jams. This quality makes these Panasonic headphones smart accessories for your commute or for traveling on public transportation. These stereo headphones have an in-ear style earbud and ergo fit design that can stay comfortable in your ear for hours. The high-quality 9 mm neodymium driver units in the Panasonic RP-HJE120 headphones are designed to create a complete range of sound. They put out a maximum frequency response of 20 kHz, and a minimum frequency response of 20 Hz. The result is strong, clear treble, balanced perfectly with low bass.


Product Identifiers

Brand Panasonic


Model RP-HJE120


Product Key Features

Color Black

Connectivity 3.5mm Jack

Impedance 16ohm



Noise Cancellation, Stereo, Closed Back

Number of Earpieces

Canal Earbud (In E-A-R Canal), In-Ear Only

Type Headphones


Additional Product Features

Brand Color Black

Suited for Consumer Headphones

Connector(s) 3.5mm (1/8in.)

Maximum Frequency 20

Sensitivity 97dB

Minimum Frequency 20


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